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Naoya A Day

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Posting One Picture of Naoya Urata (AAA) Every Day
Naoya A Day
Name: Naoya Urata
Nickname: Uraura, Leader
Position: Lead Vocals
Birthday: November 10, 1982
Home District: Tokyo
Blood Type: B
Height: 177cm (5'10")
Fav Colors: Neon green
Fav Brands: NUMBER (N)INE
Fav Artists: DA PUMP, Justin Timberlake, Hamasaki Ayumi
Fav Movie: You Got Served
Recruited from: Avex Academy
Media Experience:
+Movies: Heat Island (2007.10)
+Radio: MC - Radio 'n Fire (TBC - 2006.04~now)

Naoya a Day is a community devoted to posting one picture of the AAA leader and solo artist Naoya Urata every day of the year. If you are a fan of the man himself, the group, or if you're just here for the eye-candy, please JOIN.

The original "A Day" community is the brain-child of Theresa-lynne.

If you wish to affiliate please leave a comment HERE.